Current Focus

  • Support high-voltage power monitoring for smart grids
  • Including power generation, transmission and distribution systems
  • Combine IoT & AI front-end technology

Problems with Traditional Power Grids

  • The demand for electricity is increasing
  • Safety margin of line capacity cannot be accurately estimated
  • High load causes the wire temperature to rise
  • Continuous high temperature causes power lines to sag and deteriorate
  • Relaxation and aging lines make the estimation of current-carrying capacity inaccurate
  • Increased costs and manpower for inspection and maintenance

AI + IoT Dynamic Heat Capacity System

Capacity monitoring and improvement

Electricity Demand Continues to Increase

The capacity for densely populated and industrial areas continues to rise, and difficulties such as resistance, land acquisition, political factors, and construction costs have caused the construction of bottleneck lines to be delayed and problems unable to be resolved.

Increased Line capacity by 1.5 Times

The use of dynamic heat capacity monitoring equipment will increase the power transmission margin by 30-50%

Real Time Route Information to Avoid Blind Spots in Dispatching

The dynamic heat capacity monitoring equipment provides real line information, including line temperature and sag, to provide sufficient safety information of the transmission line, and the dispatchers can confidently adopt the dynamic heat capacity standard

AI and IoT

A perfect combination with the Smart Grid

Artificial Intelligence

The use of technology or engineering technology to enable machines to achieve human like behaviors such as logical operations, thinking, identification, and learning.

Internet of Things

It is to collect a large amount of real-time physical sensing data through a wireless network, analyze the data, and achieve the goal of event diagnosis and prediction.

The Importance of Smart Grid

Why are we pursuing smart grids?

Renewable Energy

Increase the value of power companies

Achieve renewable energy

Improve Efficiency

Eliminating power failure accurately

Allocating energy efficiently

Real Time Management

Mastering the status of grid in real-time

Solving power problems more quickly

Maximize ROI

Complete asset management

Reasonability of electricity price

Focus on the power industry, with a passion for excellence

We will not be satisfied with mediocrity.

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