About Us

We are committed to design, develop and manufacture power-related monitoring equipment to provide full spectrum power system smart solutions.

Our vision is to build a reputation as the global leader in smart grids.

  • IoT sensor technology
  • State of the art wireless communication
  • High voltage circuit protection
  • Exceeds military and Industry standards
  • Modular integration
  • High security software
  • Real time data display
  • AI calculation
  • Predictive prevention
  • Rapid development
  • Expert maintenance
  • Strategic planning
  • Training certification
  • Operation support



Generation Phase

  • Nuclear power import
  • Cross-system interconnection
  • Local generation
  • Renewable energy integration

Transmission and Distribution

  • Remote control and monitor
  • Grid automation
  • Intelligent substation
  • Smart switches

Last Mile Premises

  • Energy storage
  • Distributed energy management
  • Smart building and generation
  • Smart metering and appliances
  • Smart display and control
  • Electric vehicle charging and releasing

Why IoT and Smart Grid?

Energy saving, loss reduction and increase power system reliability.

Maximize efficiency in all phases of the grid, minimize operation costs and reduce environmental impact.


“Reliable power source has become modern quality of life. We all rely more on it for housing, transportation, safety, health, entertainment and communication, etc.”

Jack Peters

Transmission Conductor Monitoring Capsule - TCMC

Line temperature, sagging monitor, fault and vibration detection. EMI shielded, surge protection, electromagnetic harvesting, simple installation and backup power.


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