Transmission Conductor Monitoring Capsule (TCMC) Tests


High Voltage Test

In EHV environment, there will be a great electromagnetic interference. We test different EHV levels in the high voltage environment with the highest test exceeding 600 kV, which ensures excellent communication quality and stability.

Impulse Voltage Test

Because there are frequent stroke-incidence events in the transmission network, and the surge voltage may cause damage to the transmission line components. We test lightning surge voltages up to ±1500 kV to ensure that the equipment has sufficient capability to deal with lightning strikes in nature and UHV surge.

Hight Current Test

Current is one of the most important factors that affect the operational stability. We test the transmission line monitoring device can operate stably under the line current from 0 to 2000A.

Wind Tunnel Test

TCMC is tested under different levels of wind speed, which maximum to super typhoon, 17 Beaufort wind force scale (wind speed: 60 m / s).

Environmental Test

We use the TAF certified constant temperature and humidity machine to test TCMC. The machine simulated the outdoor harsh climatic conditions to make sure it will not be affected by dramatic changes in ambient temperature and high humidity.

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