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On behave of 2D LLC, we’d like to offer a software only consulting service to PG&E at an attractive rate of $50 per hour for $1,000 hours focusing on a collection of transmission issues that are on top of your list. It could be cyber security, fault detection, DLR, AI, IoT, etc. The hardware involved does not have be limited to 2D LLC products. We will try to solve most concerns within the budget. The purpose is to build a working relationship between us. The scope and terms of service are open for negotiation.

The following describes the strength of our software development team.

Our software team is a group of data scientists specialized in processing data related to the power industry. Our expertise is video recognition and processing of time series data from numerous devices. Combining with our modular software and fast development, we can effectively integrate hardware components to become a comprehensive solution targeting specific issues. This is our strength and what differentiate us from other companies.

Based on years of dataset, our AI models are trained to predict future trend and possible outcome, either desirable or undesirable, by analyzing the new data stream. Thus, the system can assist in decision making to boost performance, fault prevention and recovery assistance. For instance, the sine wave data from transformers are fed to AI for analysis. The deep-learning LSTM (Long short-term memory) technique is applied to predict the trend and immediate actions might be required. Controlling hardware integration is desired for automated responses. For this, security is critical and desirable that it is implemented at the early stage of any project. We abide by IEC 61850 and DNP3 communication protocols for wide integration capability.

Regarding cellular communication security, we had several integration meetings with AT&T’s premium network for first responders, It will take only two months to have our devices certified. We value ourselves as a modern solution Integrator equipped with modern techniques and knowledge, instead of simply an equipment supplier.


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